Learning and Development

Weis Builders supports a culture of continuous learning. We understand that the investment we make in our associates is the best investment we will ever make. It is a large part of what make us grow and move forward.

New Associates

Whatever your position on our team, learning and development is supported and expected from the day you begin with us and continues throughout your career. Our extensive training and mentorship programs help new team members quickly understand our corporate culture and strategies, as well as learning how to perform the roles and responsibilities of their new positions and mastering the knowledge that enables them to make successful decisions.

Each new associate receives a customized learning plan on his/her first day of employment that documents all processes and systems that must be learned and identifies all the trainers responsible for providing information and direction. The learning plan procedure ensures that every new associate receives the training s/he needs to become successful, and ensures that managers deliver regular feedback and coaching. All new associates are provided an opportunity to work with a mentor to acclimate them into the Weis Builders culture in a comfortable, individualized manner.

New Graduate Programs

Flexible Learning Program (FLP) The FLP program is designed for those individuals who feel that they will likely choose either Project Management or Estimating as their long term career path. This program allows you to work in all aspects of construction operations through a structured, yet flexible, program of on-the-job learning.

In the FLP program, you will have the opportunity to explore three rotations — Project Engineer, Estimating Assistant, and Assistant Superintendent. In each rotation you will have a learning plan that outlines the job skills and knowledge that we’ve identified as critical to success in each of the rotations. We realize that not everyone’s needs are the same, so the program is customizable to meet your specific needs.

The Superintendent Development Program (SDP) The SDP program is designed for those individuals who feel that they will likely choose a Superintendent career path. Like the FLP program, this program will allow you to work in all aspects of construction. You will have an opportunity to rotate through the Project Engineer, Estimating Assistant, and the Assistant Superintendent positions. What makes the SDP program different from the FLP program is the amount of time spent in each rotation. The SDP program is focused on field skill development.

No matter which development program is the correct one for you, you are sure to have a well rounded career development experience at Weis Builders!

Continuous Learning

At Weis Builders, all associates are expected to continue to learn new skills and enhance their current skills. All Associates are expected to participate in at least 25 hours of learning and development activities annually. At least 12.5 hours of internal training sessions, known as ASK (Associate Skill and Knowledge) sessions, will be delivered to each associate annually. ASK sessions are delivered by a variety of associates and external experts, and topics range from job-specific to life skills. In addition, a wide variety of internal and external learning activities are available to all associates.

At Weis Builders, we create and foster a development culture within which associates are encouraged to take increasing responsibility and ownership for their career development. Through planned programs such as self-assessment, career planning workshops, career coaching, and on-line learning, associates can set realistic career goals and plans.

LEED Program

Weis Builders supports its LEED AP candidates with weekly study groups, up-to-date materials, and study days to prepare for the exam.

Safety Program

Weis Builders has a long tradition of safety, and makes a serious commitment to the ongoing safety education of our Associates. We provide OSHA 10 & 30 Hour courses as well as many topic-specific training classes such as scaffolding, fall protection, and excavations.

Storm Water Program

Weis Builders has made a deliberate commitment to actively preserving the environment in the communities where we do business. As a part of this commitment we provide training and education that reinforces the information on our companywide strategies to maintain absolute environmental compliance on each and every one of our projects. In addition, we continue to provide our associates with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively implement these strategies on a daily basis. We are critically aware of the impact our projects have on communities; we want to minimize any environmental issues that are a part of this impact. Our associates are the critical success factors that make this possible, and we are committed to providing them with the appropriate skills and knowledge to accomplish this task.

Quality Assurance

Weis Builders is committed to providing quality construction to our Clients. All Associates involved in the construction process are dedicated to uphold all of our company quality standards. Weis Builders provides ongoing education and training in numerous areas of construction, products, installations and company standards. Weis Builders Associates are also encouraged to seek out external forms of training to enhance their knowledge of construction products and processes wich help us to deliver higher quality. Our Quality Assurance department has many resources to aid all project teams in order to achieve the quality that our Clients expect.