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Weis Builders Recruiting Schedule

Weis Builders is committed to building relationships with our clients as well as with our potential new associates. Every semester we visit schools with nationally recognized Construction Management, Construction Engineering, and Civil Engineering programs.
Below is a schedule of upcoming events. The schedule is subject to change and will be updated frequently so please check back.

Spring 2022 University Recruiting Schedule

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
February 8, 2022 (VIRTUAL)

Iowa State University
February 8, 2022

North Dakota State University
February 9, 2022

Illinois State University
February 10, 2022

Minnesota State University, Mankato
February 10, 2022

Texas A&M University
February 17, 2022

Arizona State University
February 22, 2022 (VIRTUAL)

Kennesaw State University, Georgia
February 23, 2022

University of Wisconsin, Stout
March 2, 2022