First units complete at Chicago’s Lake Park Crescent

(Chicago, IL) General Contractor, Weis Builders completes five low rise buildings at Lake Park Crescent. The $44 million redevelopment encompasses more than 2 city blocks. These initial 24 units are located at the South end of the property, on the corner of Lake Park and Bowen Avenue.

Weis Builders was hired by The Davis Group to build 132 units in the North Kenwood-Oakland neighborhood which sits along Lake Shore Drive. Work involves constructing several low-rise buildings, a midrise building, 3-story parking ramp, as well site preparation for future buildings. The multi-phase redevelopment will replace the 1960s-era public housing and provide mixed-income housing.

About Weis Builders.
Weis Builders provides preconstruction and construction services in Illinois through partnerships with clients, architects, and industry experts. Our Chicago office continues to expand our presence in the residential market with more than 4,100 units across the state. Our success in the multifamily sector provides market rate and affordable options to families and seniors.

4 16 2013          Lake Park Crescent